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Why invest in Kamux?

The market is large and fragmented, and offers an excellent opportunity for growth

  • There are approximately 250 million cars in use in Europe, of which approx. 57 million are in Kamux's three operating countries in Finland, Sweden and Germany. Of these, approx. 26 million are less than eight years old

  • A total of approx. 7.9 million used cars are sold annually in Kamux's operating countries (Finland 0.6 million, Sweden approx. 1.2 million and Germany approx. 6.0 million)

  • The used car market is relatively stable (in Finland CAGR 2015–2021 +0.7%), while e.g. economic cycles tend to have a relatively strong impact on new car registrations

  • The market is very fragmented. In Finland, the combined market share of the five largest operators is approx. 25%, in Sweden less than 10% and in Germany less than 2%

Kamux is an internationally operating growth company that has demonstrated its ability for strong organic growth.  The company’s financial position is strong

  • Kamux's annual revenue growth (CAGR) in 2007–2023 was +28.0%

  • Throughout its operation, Kamux's growth has been profitable and the company has paid as dividend at least 40% of its profit every year

  • The company's balance sheet is strong and its cash flow has been positive in all years during the company's history as a listed company

Consumers want to buy a car from a well-known and reliable operator, from whom they also get the necessary additional services

  • More than half of used car sales in Europe are still made between consumers, but their share is steadily decreasing as reliable and professionally operating used car specialists enter the industry, offering the necessary financial and insurance services in addition to consumer protection

  • As a result of its size, Kamux is able to negotiate competitive terms for its customers with 3rd party financing and insurance providers, as well as produce innovative additional services itself

  • Kamux's wide and rapidly changing selection of cars is available to consumers in all three operating countries

Kamux's omnichannel business model has shown its strength even in a challenging market situation

  • Digitization has fundamentally changed the way used cars are bought, as consumers can compare an almost unlimited number of cars from the comfort of their own home. As a result, the majority of consumers start their customer journey online.  For this reason, the functionalities of the website as well as vehicle information that is correct and as extensive  as possible are important factors in achieving a first-class customer experience

  • Although an increasing number of consumers are ready to buy a used car fully online, the majority still want to see and test drive the car before making a final purchase decision. Kamux's comprehensive network of showrooms is an essential part of its omnichannel business model, enabling test drives and car deliveries for customers that choose to do business through digital channels, as well as the in-take of trade-in cars

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