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Corporate governance

Kamux Corporation’s (“the company” or “Kamux”) corporate governance complies with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, regulations concerning listed companies and the company’s  Articles of Association and the rules and regulations of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The company adheres tothe Finnish Corporate Governance Code adopted by the Securities Market Association. An unofficial English translation of the Code is available on the Securities Market Association’s website.

The governing bodies at Kamux are its General Meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors and the CEO. The highest decision-making power in Kamux is exercised by the company’s shareholders at the General Meeting. The Board of Directors has two committees, the Audit Committee as well as the Personnel and Remuneration Committee, which assist the Board in its duties. The Board of Directors and the CEO are responsible for the management of the company. The Management Team assists the CEO in operative management of the company and the Group. The auditor selected by the General Meeting acts as the audit body appointed by the shareholders. The General Meeting has also decided on the Shareholders’ Nomination Board, which consists of the largest shareholders or members appointed by the largest shareholders.

Corporate Governance Statement

Kamux publishes its Corporate Governance Statement annually. Information on remuneration at Kamux is available in the Remuneration section.

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