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The company’s share capital is EUR 80,000 and the number of shares is 40,017,420 . The company has one series of shares and each share provides entitlement to one vote at the company’s general meeting. The shares have no nominal value. The shares have been entered to the book-entry system maintained by Euroclear. The company holds a total of 144,053 of own shares.

Stock exchange listing 2017

Kamux Corporation applied for listing of its shares on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange and organised an initial public offering on 2−11 May 2017.

In the initial public offering shares were offered to private persons and organisations in Finland, to Kamux employees on permanent contracts and to the members of the Board of Directors of Kamux and to institutional investors outside the United States.

2 May 2017 Subscription period of the offering commenced
11 May 2017 Announcement of the final results of the offering
12 May 2017 Share trading began on the pre-list of the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange
16 May 2017 Share trading began on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange


Prospectus (in Finnish)

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Auditor’s Report 2016

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