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Management shareholding

Kamux has defined the persons in management positions in the company under the market abuse regulation (EU) No 596/2014 to include the members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and other members of the Group Management Team. Their shareholding in Kamux Corporation will be updated monthly in the table below based on the transaction notifications of the managers.

Board of Directors’ shareholding, April 30, 2024
Member Shares
Terho Kalliokoski 84,643
Harri Sivula 45,338
Juha Kalliokoski (1) 5,893,977
Maren Kroll -
Antti Mäkelä 37,254
Kati Riikonen -
Jaana Viertola-Truini 3,779

(1) The Shares are owned by Juha Kalliokoski and by an investment company, which is controlled by closely associated persons to Juha Kalliokoski.

CEO and Management Team’s shareholding, April 30, 2024
Member Shares
Tapio Pajuharju 34,187
Jukka Havia -
Jani Koivu 23,850
Andy Rietschel -
Martin Verrelli 450
Aino Hökeberg -
Jarkko Lehtismäki 16,000
Marjo Nurmi 1,337
Juha Saarinen 4,100
Vesa Uotila 10,020

Closed period

People in management positions in Kamux and possible permanent insiders defined by Kamux may not, on their own account or on the account of a third party, carry out direct or indirect business transactions relating to shares or other financial instruments of Kamux Corporation during a closed period beginning 30 days before the date of publication of the next financial report  and ending on the publication day of the Kamux financial statements bulletin, half-yearly report or Kamux’s regular three or nine month interim report in question.

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