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Long-term targets 

Kamux updated its strategy for 2024-2026 and long-term targets in March 2024.

Financial targets

Number of sold cars: 100,000 pcs per year
Revenue growth: Revenue EUR 1.5 billion
Profitability of the business: Adjusted operating profit margin 4%

Non-financial targets

Customer satisfaction: NPS (Net Promoter Score) > 60
Employee well-being: eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) > 40

Dividend policy

Kamux aims for a dividend payout of at least 25% of the profit for the financial year.

The Board of Directors of the Company estimates annually the balance between dividends to be distributed and funds to be used for Kamux’s growth and based on this assessment, makes a proposal on the amount of dividends to be distributed, which may for any single year differ significantly from the target level set in the dividend policy.

Outlook for the year 2024 


Kamux expects its adjusted operating profit for 2024 to exceed its 2023 adjusted operating profit, which was EUR 18.0 million.

(Given on March 1, 2024)

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Corporate governance

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Risk management and internal control

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