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Disclosure policy

Kamux endeavours to ensure that all market actors simultaneously and without any undue delay have at their disposal true and fair information in order to determine the value of the company’s shares.

The website for Kamux investor communications www.kamux.com is a key channel for publishing information concerning the company’s operations and financial status. All stakeholders have equal opportunities to use the information offered on the website.

Before the publication of financial statements bulletins, a half-yearly report and interim reports, Kamux observes the principle of a ‘silent period’. Exceptions to this rule are Annual General Meeting (if held during the silent period) and publishing of a stock exchange release regarding a significant business event and the related communication. The silent period begins 30 days before the date of publication of the next financial report. During the silent period, the company will not comment on the future prospects of its businesses in an undisclosed or ongoing quarter. Company representatives do not meet analysts or investors or take part in capital markets events during these silent periods. The silent period ends on the publication of the Group’s interim report, half year report or financial statements bulletin.

The principles of Kamux’s communications are described in the company’s disclosure policy.