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Code of Conduct

1. We are equal and fair at our workplace 

At Kamux, we treat all our colleagues, customers and partners fairly and equally, with no discrimination. We require our partners to do the same. 

We show respect to each other and value people’s diversity. We create a workplace atmosphere where it is enjoyable to work. We build a culture of trust, appreciation and support together. 

We do not tolerate any kind of bullying, harassment, abuse or discrimination towards our colleagues, customers or partners. We also keep in mind that inappropriate compliments and comments and vulgar jokes may also be harassment. Bullying and harassment are always personal experiences. Although you may not feel that you have bullied a colleague, they might feel differently. We acknowledge this and respect others’ points of view. 

We always comply with labor legislation. We pay a fair compensation for work and we reward our employees for good performance equally and considerately. When we hire new employees, we do so equally and fairly without discrimination based on a single attribute or personal background. We evaluate people only based on their competence and work performance. 

At Kamux, we also respect everyone’s privacy, religion, freedom of association and freedom to organize professionally. Kamux is an intoxicant-free workplace. Alcohol, drugs and intoxication do not, under any circumstances, belong in the workplace, and we have zero tolerance for them. When we are celebrating, we can raise a toast in accordance with the manager’s instructions.

2. The way we communicate is considerate and thoughtful 

Kamux’s communications and marketing are open, well-informed and reliable.

We do not personally represent Kamux to others except our customers. We do not, for instance, give comments or interviews to the media without first agreeing on it with Kamux’s communications. Designated spokespersons work as the representatives of our company. 

Kamux’s employees have full freedom of speech, but we understand that public comments from our personnel are easily connected with Kamux. Thus, we avoid situations where we could harm Kamux’s reputation. We also do not participate in discussions in social media in Kamux’s name. We always remember to state that our opinions are personal and do not represent Kamux’s stance. 

We also take conversations at Kamux’s premises into account: we do not discuss business or other confidential matters in the showroom space where customers can overhear us. 

The email address provided by Kamux is meant for work matters. We do not use it, for instance, for personal online discussions or for participating in competitions.

3. We do honest business 

Our most important aim is a happy customer. We are honest and reliable partners and we maintain good and open relations with our customers, subcontractors and service providers. We also expect openness and honesty from our customers and partners. 

At Kamux, we sell used cars in the condition they are in, so no flawless car exists. We talk about the cars and their potential shortcomings to customers honestly. We record the shortcomings and flaws in the bill of sale. We always comply with consumer protection legislation when we do business and inform our customers about our responsibilities as detailed in consumer protection legislation. We handle reclamations fairly, reasonably and in appropriate time. We also keep the customer well-informed of the progress of the reclamation. We fix potential undetected, hidden flaws afterwards according to consumer protection legislation. We expect openness and honesty from our customers as well. 

We serve our customers regardless of their background and attributes. We offer financing for a car deal only through our partner. 

We are fair to our competitors as well. We do not prevent or limit good competition and we do not disrupt other companies’ operations. We do not violate competition legislation. 

We make sure that all our colleagues know how to recognize hoax attempts and how to act in suspicious situations.

4. We are independent and do not tolerate corruption 

We at Kamux do not accept or give bribes or favors. We maintain our independence and do not owe favors. We have zero tolerance for corruption. 

In our work, we do not accept or give bribes or free favors. Bribes can be clear, such as direct gifts or money, or hidden, like surprising discounts or free services. Expensive and impressive social events and, for instance, trips abroad paid for by another party can be bribes. 

We can give and receive low-cost, justified and situationally appropriate gifts at discretion. 

Given and accepted gifts may at most be worth 50 euros. We do not accept trips or other similar benefits, and we always pay for our own trips in accordance with our travel guidelines. 

Social events held by Kamux are always justified and follow company guidelines, and it is not intended to use them to bribe anyone. Kamux’s internal events support the company’s operations and comply with the provided guidelines. For instance, events organized to reward teams are always connected with good work performance.

5. We look after Kamux’s property 

We take care of Kamux’s belongings together. We use work- related equipment for work only and we also take care of  Kamux’s immaterial property, such as information and data. 

The cars for sale are Kamux’s property and using them to drive is absolutely forbidden without special permission from a manager. For work-related car trips, we always use Kamux’s business cars. Their use is detailed in separate instructions. The keys to all cars are kept in the showrooms, as per the instructions. We avoid situations where employees must be alone in the store. 

We do not accept cash. We never approve, support or make money laundering easier through our own actions. Money laundering means that the origin of money or  other property which has been obtained through criminal means is hidden. If you suspect potential money laundering, report the matter to your manager or to Kamux’s financial administration. 

We use Kamux’s credit cards for the company’s needs only. We do not give or lend our personal corporate credit cards to our colleagues. We use fuel cards only to purchase fuel for Kamux’s cars for the company’s use. Fuel payment cards are personal. Everyone is responsible for their own card and its use and for ensuring that all receipts are returned with appropriate information included. A fuel card can be temporarily lent to a car courier for refueling, but even then, the cardholder is responsible for the proper use of the card. 

We process bills and approve bills on time according to our internal instructions. We also keep our log-in details to Kamux’s systems secret and do not share our log-in details with anyone else. We treat all customer information confidentially. We do not share our customers’ information or talk about our customers to people outside our company. 

The information we receive on Kamux in our work is also the company’s property, and we do not share it with other parties, for instance a new employer. We also respect the confidentiality requirement of people who have come from other companies to work for Kamux, and we do not pressure our colleagues into sharing information about their former employer.

6. We avoid conflicts of interest 

In our work, we always make decisions for the good of Kamux. We do not participate in competing business or advance our own interests in work matters. 

We never advance our own benefit or the benefit of our family and friends in our work tasks. Personal relationships shall not affect our work. We do not practice business competing with or disrupting Kamux’s business. 

We do not under any circumstances alter the purchase or sale price of a car for the benefit of ourselves or our family or friends, not even when the change would be small. 

We understand that we must stay away from decisions that concern ourselves, our friends or family members. For instance, we do not participate in recruiting new employees if a friend or a family member has applied for the job.

7. We take care of our employees and the environment 

We look after our colleague’s working conditions and work safety every day. We know our responsibility of the environment and nature, and we act to advance better traffic culture.

Kamux is a safe place to work. We take care of comfortable and safe working conditions at all our offices. We take care of work ergonomics, the correct equipment and clothes and safe ways of working. 

Together, we ensure the safety of our shops and offices: we lock the doors and make sure that unauthorized people cannot access our premises. We avoid situations where employees have to be alone in the showroom. We also remember to lock computers and take care of data security. 

We at Kamux act to advance safer and better traffic culture. We set an example on the road. We follow speed limits, drive economically, and we never drive while intoxicated. We exert special caution when we drive company cars. That is when we represent Kamux in traffic. 

We take environment into account in all our operations. We comply with environmental legislation and advance sustainable development. We dispose of problem waste and recycle car tires in a due manner. We favor environmentally friendly products and material. We also expect that our partners do the same.